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Art from the Heart Adventures©:    

An Art from the Heart Adventure isn't a trip You take to a physical destination. It is a journey YOU take to visit your heart and soul.

The "Heartworks" YOU create are the photographs of your adventure,  something you can reflect on for years to come.

An Excellent Book On Its Own or as resource for Parents or  Guardians of Children using Our Creative Journaling Book for Releasing anger and frustration called:

“What Really, REALLY Bugs  Me…Sometimes©.”                            

An Art from the Heart Adventure© is a Uniquely Interactive Book that will Change Your Life by Teaching You Different View”.

You don’t have to be an artist to take an adventure into your own creative place where understanding & answers await discovery. 

An Art from the Heart Adventure allows you to release the emotional stress and debris you pick up from others or generate with your own negative thoughts, lifting it off & up to a place where you can view it more objectively, more rationally & clearly.  Have fun while  actively meditating your way to better health, relationships, clarity and productivity.

AFTHA BOOK  *$29.95  PLUS Ship/Handling



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