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The “Light”er Side of Venting©

Suffer from road rage, angry outbursts or stress filled days?  Then this is the best package for you! 

Using these techniques on a daily (hourly in extreme cases) basis, you can truly begin looking at your life and it’s frustrations from a “different” view! 

 In this fun, “light” hearted booklet, Carolyn shares the 9 “Quick Fix” Techniques she used during her 20 years as a High School Teacher.

Drawing from her stressful experiences she shares with you the humorous venting tools and methods she used to keep her temper and her sanity. A easy, quick read that will put a “smile” on your face and “light’en up your life. A laugh out loud experience!

Available in E-book format  for Only $4.99 

The LIGHTer Side of Ventng  BOOK  *$11.99 +  Ship/Handling



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